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GOSH darn, there is SO MUCH to point it, I have no time to comment SO here are the links and hopefuly by late Thurs and FRIDAY I will begin to deconstruct the following absurdities:

Let's being WITH something up my ALLEY SOCIAL issues, and the LACK of FREEDOM of speech except FOR what the 'majority' deems is appropriate, and at a college campus? =/
If it weren't for THOSE who don't conform to the majority, WHERE would we be?

Don't you just LUV the Governator who WANTS what is best for the tax-paying citizens of CA?
NOW Mayor Hahn thinks IT IS HIS CALLING to end
DEADZONES in the City of LA? o_O
Like someone said on another site: I guess to make us FORGET about the bribes, sycophants, and scandals, huh?
GET a personality MAYOR HAHN... **
tho your sis has been quite helpful in my community =)*

The constant battle between the hegemony and the academic freedom... WHO IS RIGHT?
Why can't we all just GET along, and accept how western thought CAN self-scrutinize?
Then again, HASN'T that been the problem all along, how they've OBJECTIFIED all other people and cultures?

I remember seeing the MOVIE KIDS... I loved it, it was raw, disturbing, and, well here is a reflection 10 years later... ya know, IT probably is real, too real for some (does ARE imitate life or Life art?)... but I also believe NOT all teens ARE sexually active (where were they WHEN I was a teen?) ; well except for YOUR child... j/k, sorry...

I can't believe this... JUST CANNOT... ok, other than I MAY have more at stake than some of you BUT the CONTACT? FLUID contact like that? WHERE is the HEALTH department WHEN these BOYS needed them? The BLOOD of Christ on SUNDAY... ok it MAYBE but I just know it's got some KID's fishies floating in there BY THE TIME it is my turn to *gulp* I mean sip...
**note: The LA-Archdiocese does recommend that during
FLU season if you are experiencing FLU symptoms to ABSTAIN from consuming the BLOOD of CHRIST... makes you wonder no (about miracles)? YET it inspired me with CONFIDENCE (in the REAL world!!!)

Depressing Financial news... Doctors took the hippocratic oath... not FINANCIAL NOR GOVERMENT Insititurions... =/

I KNEW it, I KNEW IT... 60 to 70% of possible voters VOTED in the election... number FUDGING who are the experts at that? Oh my... ethnic prejudices THAT have so much history behind them.,..

DID you actually PUT YOURSELF through the STATE of the UNION?
Luckily I am busy... but I'll take a look at it, vomit, and then comment upon it...

We have every right to dissent, NEVER let us TAKE that RIGHT for granted!!!

On a sportier note: Is there something in the WATER here in SoCal? 1st Rick Majerus quits USC's Bball team AND now RudyT quits the LAKERS?
IMO why the hell did RUDYT leave his beloved (and beloved back) Houston Rockets? ESP to join the POST-Jackson POST Shaw POST EVERY HAVING A CHANCE AT A CHAMPIONSHIP Formerly known as the LA
**If there were ONLY a team worth rooting for here in LA... the
CLIPPERS? Donald Duck Sterling is pitiful, I have no idea why Don Baylos HAS endured so many years as the pitiful mouthpiece for oine of the worst TEAM owners. TO make it WORSE DDS seems to be active in the CATHOLIC church.
Oh my...



This is unbelievable, ANYONE who has heard anything about SUDAN has to believe that it is GENOCIDE that is happening there... AIN'T it a shame that MUSLIM ARAB-descendants can just raze, mame, rape, and dislocate indigenous AFRICANS???? (and sadly this is a UN report?)

What a shame, like I said RACISM knows no color, creed, or religiousn affiliations, IT TRANSCENDS all cultural limitations...

I suppose since THEY are of no imminent danger (nuclear capability, OIL for the USA, nor TERRORIST -are there any training camps there?-) we are NOT going to go and LIBERATE them.... anyene remember the
tsutsis & hutus, yeah you are probably right...


The Iraqi Election... is it as successful as the War on Terror in Afghanistan? The ORIGINAL War on Terror in Iraq**? The War on Drugs?
I hope for the best, but expect the worse... unfortunately I will not beleive the numbers.. sorry...
*update*: a
Refreshing look... from without...

**I had teenager looked at me quizically last year when I said one time that just because we WON the ground war that it WAS far from over in IRAQ... we may have removed HUSSEIN but did we do ANYTHING to convince the SUNNIS and SHIITES and KURDS (and how about the christians in the area) TO COOPERATE?

OR to even 'thank' us for 'liberating them'

All she could say was: "But the news said we WON the war?"
How sad, she believed WHAT she was told...



There is just no rest for the absurd. 1st seen on the Drudge but will then be reported everywhere Mon or Tues.
Don't you just love the FREEDOM of Information of the Internet.... tho there is such a thing as TOO much of anything...

HOW would you like YOUR wife or daughter to be SUBJECTED to having here ENTITLEMENTS tied to her job opportunites.... even if they are involved playing the
OLDEST TRADE in history?? OMG just another example of a government making decisions YET unable to USE common sense when applying them.

I am one to almost let MUCH of the illegal racket get TAXED AND REGULATED!! C'mon, the rest of us have to play by the rules, THERE is this other GRAY/BLACK market cleaning house... c'mon they use government services, they drive the roads, they tkae up VALUABLE REAL estate... make them suffer like the rest of us, TAX them and regulate them OUT of the job...

Ya know I have no problem with it, NOT LIKE I WILL USE THEM so I won't be subject to THOSE taxes =)
I do believe in choice... and it comes at a GREAT price...people need to TAKE responsibility for their OWN decisions...

**WHy are SOME drugs legal and others ILLEGAL?**
VIOXX? Celebrex? FDA recalls... makes me wonder why WE LET pharmaceutical companies GET away with DEATH!?!?!

Now the sex trade... for being the 'freest' country in the world, WE ARE so prudish about sex... what is the hang-up... the MORE you vilify it, the MORE you glorify it... BUT there must be a way in GERMANY so that women shall be provided OTHER non-sexual jobs to consider?

I hope that it is fair and MALE's too have been offered gigolo positions >_< ; equal opportunity...

**I really do want to comment on the wacko jacko case... omg... god save us all... or whatever omnipotent being you believe in RESCUE us from this madness... haven't we learned out lesson yet... HE who has the BEST lawyer CAN prevail, lol except for SCOTT PETERSON, though HIS parents are broke, THEY did not deserve it, BUT HE DID!!



Must stop browsing TecH sites and do more NEWS scavenging... Drudge is what I read and KFI is what I listen to AND other news sites... must find more... can't you tell , LOOK at all the additional articled I've read or hear about... reality is such a good laugh...

I feel sorry for this
script kiddie. did they REALLY have to try and make an example of him? The damn shame is that he was not the first, not the last and was STUPID enough to get caught (did not mask his IP address, did NOT distribute it with false emails, did not use foreign servers and somehow LEFT clues to lead this back to him.

C'mon, GIVE the kid a break for BEING knowledgeable enough to know how to modify the code BUT ignorant on how to best the distribute the virus?

H4rd C0r3 h4x0r5 are laughing their butts off...


NOW this is a TAX I CAN AGREE with:
For all of you WHO are disatisfied with YOUR GOD GIVEN looks (remember YOU ARE created in God's image, HEY it don't mean God is HANDSOME nor BEAUTIFUL); or for you atheist that are vain enough, have too much money, are addicted to the NEWEST procedures... then YOU PAY your taxes!!!

Now, some plastic surgery tax should be exempted for burn victims, abuse victims, cleft lip those extreme circumstances of birth defects where THIS alternative exists for an individual to attempt to live as normal life as possible (and not have to live a life of being the BUTT of jokes)... as much as I like to think of myself as an open-minded individual... this
story really got to me... sometimes I wonder... should THESE children TRULY be brought into this world? I have mixed feelings about the story, I HOPE they can receive the help they seek BUT this is a subtle form of exploitation... and PLENTY of shock value...

BUT TO ANYONE else WHO beleives that THEY ARE NOT PERFECT... let them PAY...

I don't have the money, and have no idea what I would consider. I KNOW I am far from perfect BUT there is one thing (well 2) that I would want worked on... but who knows if I ever will.

DID you read about this example?
PLASTIC SURGERY beauty contests? A chinese woman needing plastic surgery? (well ok, maybe for cleavage, sorry); I truly HATE this SWAN program, SHEER SEXPLOITATION... OMG how superficial... we really are NOT what we look, but who we truly are... if you ACT beautiful, you are, IF YOU don't then you ain't and WE ALL Know it... for better or worse...

Rather spend my money on electronic gadgets... sad ain't it...

NOt that this has anything to do with plastioc surgery BUT it has to do with appearance, I COULD not believe this when I
read about it o_O, my issue with this is WON'T a male that is effeminate be at an advantage? I have to wonder... (and will PEOPLE finally understand that SEX is not GENDER and the GENDER is almost limitless, except for these damn social labels... metrosexuals? (that snappy dresser that is NOT a HOMOSEXUAL =/) When will these labels END!!!


NOW this is good: the NSM Party has adopted a ROAD!! Don't recognize who they are? the Nationalsozialismus? THe National Socialist party? NOT to be confused with commies...

AND, if they were going to be DENIED this, THEY could have sued that their civil rights HAD BEEN violated?
HEY, I am all for freedom of speech: MORE freedom, MORE responsibility, and WE've got to take the good and the ABSURD...

Hate their social opinion, but isn't this just great Irony?
THO not was amazing as the
WHITE police officers from the Inglewood Police Department WHO successfuly proved that THEIR civil rights were violated!

C'mon, we LOVE to think that only white, blond, blue-eyed MEN are the only ones capable of RACISM?
SADLY, RACISM knows no color, creed, religion, though that is not WIDELY accepted possibility =(

What can possibly MORE entertaining than the absurdity of life?



I want to touch on (ugh) the Michael Jackson lawsuit and the sycophant Geraldo... but unless I have the time, I won't today... (to many wrongs ARE far from right) or these reports of WOMEN interrogators in Gitmo bay? And what is wrong with psychological warfare? And these USELESS who is who of emasculated Democrat Power? Thank you Barbara Boxer but yoru point was...you KNEW CRice was going to get confirmed anyway?

*My theory on Global Warming: All the HOT AIR politicans SPEW!!!*

Seen this report on the
Human Chimera Projects? I do love a good science for science's sake, THAT was until I realized how political, back scratching and old boy's club the science field was...

I really have no problem. Really I don't. If we end up having to destroy our niche and have to survive by our wits and endure a future shock rate of evolutionary lag THEN let's accept the fact that we are not immortal. There are over 4 billion of us, SOME ethnic, geographical, culturral, genotype will survive, DIVERSITY does exist for a reason, TO improve our chances at surviving the unexpected...

BUT, scientist for science sake are spooky. Although I do believe knowledge has no ETHICAL value, it is what we do. AND Religion complicates a lot of this, and THERE IS NOTHING wrong with a 6th sense, a conscious, and LIMITS on science, really there isn't...

BUT isn't it fascinating how ASIA will seem to be on the cutitng edge of these fields? I am so sure societies who HAVE less religions/ethical baggage will flourish... WHERE there exists a reduced influence of western christian notions of life, existence, and MORALITY. We love to think we are righteous, but does that make us right?

It is all a choice. If we deem our conscious THAT important then so be it... we must accept that though WE WILL loose a lot of our top-notch researchers to countries and universities who HAVE less difficulties with these complicated situations... mice or man? Man of Mice... wow, the possibilities are endless.

I can accept the challenges. WHAT I can never accept is hubris from either side.
Iam willing ot take the risk, NOT like I'll be around for ever (please I am in no hurry to go either)

"God's without forethought" - Loren Eisely

PS WHY the hell are CA tax payers going to pay for
RESEARCH? *sigh*
WHO shall keep the patents (another issue), the profit? who shall REAP the financial benefits? MOST likely not us tax payers.

LA is not willing to kowtow to these multi-millionaire boys and their NFL games, yet the STATE is being subjected to GODS without FORETHOUGHT?


Here is something MORE up my alley:

VIOLENT DRAWINGS get these special ed kids arrested and hauled out of school. I could go on about how the only acceptable behavior are the happy sappy brainwashed kids to think that life is beautiful... uh what drugs are they on? Ritalin? Lithium?

OMG, if 1984 & A Brave New World have not come to pass...

Just to provide a twist to this:
SO instead of indicting our social violent tendencies: War, Gangs, Network News, Talk Shows, Video Games, movies (don't get me started HOW the MPAA can accept VIOLENCE and PROFANITY but are SO PRUDISH when it comes to SEX?)
Note: I do enjoy a violent movie every now and then (HK Triad movies ROCK)

Instead they haul off these kids WHO ARE REALLY ONLY conduits and products of our society?

THEY probably have much to contribute ant TEACH US about orselves, OH but sorry WE ARE th majority and the are the MINORITY who are abnormal...

Reminds me of this
KID who had to get TASERED out of the principal's office for threathening self-injury and others with a broken glass? Ya know, WHAT got this kid to THIS edge? AND NO ONE had the guts to tackle the kid and subdue him? *damn lawsuits*

Childhood... another being on the verge of extinction, YOU HAD ONE?
How lucky you are...


I'll try to keep up:

1) NOW these are some enviable
PARENTING SKILLS. Ya know by the time the kids are teens and IF THEY DON'T listen to you, if YOU DID not instill the fear of parental wrath in them when they were kids... THEN PUT UP AND SHUT UP.

Remember the parents who WENT On
STRIKE on their teen kids? *coughLOSERSchough*

There is a link, and I am sorry to say but even I have only slight sympathy for the Columkill kids... CAUCASIANs.

Ok, sure blame the African-Ams & Latinos for their gang violence but I'll tell you this: THEY probably respect and FEAR their parents. AND if they don't THEN THAT is a bad sign that a BASIC familial tenet had been lost.

IT STARTS when these children are kids, NEVER instill fear or RESPECT for you, they shall never have it for you... also makes me wonder why OUR elderly end up in convalescent homes... WHY were they kicked out of their child's home?
*I know a stretch BUT good for the dark, cynical imagination...*
  Props to Drudge... and google... I've always been an info-freak... this obsession can only get worse o_O



Tsk tsk, unbelievable. I AM almost a firm believer that ALMOST whatever you do in the privacy of your own home... is all good and dandy SO LONG as everyone is in complete agreement and NO ONE gets hurt (that is if that was NOT part of the plan)

You've read of guys streaming their own amputations right?
How about the GERMAN charged for agreeing to CANNIBILIZE someone who wanted to be eaten (and not eaten out, BUT EATEN?) Them German fetishes o_O
You've recently heard of a guy
castrating himself, right? (so recent)

BUT if you are trying to
commit suicide, HURT NO ONE ELSE!!
Guns make a bloody mess and pills can be so messy... but WHY cause thousands of dollars of damage, and kill 10 other people for your LIFE's misery.

AND at the last minute he decided not to... can you hear the crimial charges filed against you? He'll be on 24hr suicide watch (tho if he goes to the TWIN towes in Downtown LA, who knows IF THEY'LL really care... =/

*edit* I guess I should feel pity... but I don't...
c'mon he's giving SOME of us a BAD NAME, lol



It's a scary day in the universe when I AGREE with Buchanan. Well not really, I have strong OPINIONS but if I agree with your then I agree with you, THO not wholeheartedly nor fanatically.

See for example his Reference to
Operation Wetback *sent shudders up and down my spine...*

For more absuridity, The Drudge



Too Good to be true... but I wish it were.




Unbeleivable, I sure hope I can keep this up:
More from the
Drudgereport , damn I am addicted to that site (and so funny how KFI and other outlets REPORT after it has been posted, AH the egalitarianism of the I-net.

Well 1st up: File this under Idiot Teens will be IDIOT TEENS:
BEAT UP A SATANIST and now charged with HATE CRIME for Religious reasons!!
Classic don't you think?
What the hell is it with sports athletes? Whatever MOSS mooning Lambaugh field?
this soccer God is an idiot... makes you wonder... who is telling the truth?
I'll take mooning anytime...
Kid Rock at a Bush concert? BUT the
reasons why he was booted... how sad. Definitely out of touch with MAINSTREAM MTV TV Americana...
Back to some duties I MUST attend to, =/



A BRAND NEW year... OMG, no update since 07/04? SO MUCH HAPPENED but priorities took over, NOT mine but those of which I AM responsible for.

TO BEGIN this year, let me share a
LETTER I wrote to Governor Terminator in reaction to his STATE of the STATE speech.
Education... one of my many passions... AND TOO FEW people REALLY knows what happens in the classroom.

Teacher's NEED TO HIRE a BETTER PR firm!!!
**Tho how the hell do they pass EACH and every BOND?



John Kerry's is to last 55 minutes? With a vignette directed by Spielberg preceding it? What a bore...

BTW I love his wife... she is a attractive (she has an air of dignity), intelligent, and wealthy. Can you beat the combination?

Can you imagine placing here estate in a blind trust (if Kerry were to win?) I almost wish Kerry won't win so that SHE manage her estate...

Again it's the IN KNOW THE COMMON folk, although they are far from being plebians...


Rush Limbaugh had it right today, anyone see the O'reilly vs MMoore at the DNC? Or read the transcript on the DrudgeReport ??

O'reilly came out looking worse off than Moore. He conceded quite a bit to the debate... thankfully!!


John & Ken I do disagree with their Political Human Sacrafice. It is hubris on their part... they are taking advantage of listeners who do trust in their opinion BUT they are also IGNORING how government works... it's not for the every day little people.

If they don't get their way, will the uprising come?

I finally understood the difficulty these Republican representatives in Washington DC were attempting to convey... THEY ARE REPUBLICANS that beleive in STATE's and INDIVIDUAL'S rights... THEY are opposed to the money the federal government will grant or offer or even requesting... BECAUSE (except Bush has completely reneged on his Republican fiscally conservative virtues) they do not beleive in that BLOAT that it will create.

AND then to windfall from all other bordering states experiencing? Imagine the debt?

Again, whose responsibility? But what is the solution?
Sweeps? Deportations? Isolationism?


John & Ken AND wouldn't you know it, they were right?

It just had to be coincidence, eerie and very scary.
A potential Al Qeada high Ranking agent was detained in Texcas after having crossed EL Río Grande as a MOJADA =/

You have to give it to them, their resourcefulness and the means they shall go to infiltrate the USA... which is WORSE news for Latino Migrants and Latin American Countries.

The blame is getting so thick and murky that I don't fear for myself BUT I fear for the hard working residents here in the USA. I cannot disagree that the borders should be tightened (well...) but I do have issue with disrupting the families that are already here.

AND to boot, they had to have a HORRIBLE nightmarish description of Latino residents in the USA... I need to read about her background and the context of the research because I want to disagree with here conclusions but I cannot deny that what was described is currently the reality of some of our immigrants...

BTW the Gangs in Central America WERE an American Export, THE MARA SALVATRUCHA I believe can trace it's roots to the USA =/

Just as the Republican and Democratic Party CANNOT stereotype and broadbrush them as a possible swing vote, NOR can this research...

John kept wondering about their Catholic values... yeah well when MANY immigrants arrive here survival is a little more important than church and as any parish VERY few will actually get involved and just go through the motions of their faith...

But I have always thought and shown that newly arrived can better acheive and succeed versus 2/3rd generations who are caught in the without a culture (their grandparent's homeland) and wihtout a country (USA for NOT being American) the psychologial conflict can be traumatic.

More to come...


There is just so much to cover yet so little time to write it all:
DrudgeReport It's pretty funny how many Radio Hosts (ok, THOSE on KFI640 just don't mention where they get some of their leads for stories... there have been quite a few good articles cited... and photographs:

The Reporter's Compound at the Fleet Center, no joke, it looks like a detention center;

There was a wonderful article in the LA Times and also some on
DrudgeReport regarding the wonderful PRIME TIME coverage of the DNC. Now, I could pull out all the stops at an Orwellian analysis of why that is BUT let's make is as blunt as possible:

Prime Time ratings and Ad revenue.
Then we wonder about the dangers of monopolies and the FCC's loosening of the reigns on how powerful these corporate conglomerates can be... if THE few agree that it's in THEIR best interest to garner REVENUE versus educating the American public (those who ARE not on the INTERNET, THOSE who DO NOT HAVE CABLE, THOSE who for whatever reason choose NOT TO EDUCATE themselves about out political process) force feed THEM INFORMATION and not just mind numbing subterfuge!!



Can you believe this idiocy? Linda Ronstadt , and who did she believe she was? Sinead O'connor? RATM? Who the hell listend to her songs?

She praised Michael Moore? F911? Not even Bradbury wanted to be associated with the film's title (never heard to follow up to that flap)... but not surprised by the reaction... but THAT SHE HAD to be escorted from the property by the President of the Alladin Casino? how sad...

BUT SHE DESERVED IT... didn't she learn from the Dixie Chicks?
YA JUST DON'T MESS WITH Enriched White Bread Middle America... and their pocketbooks... your fan base... miss Latina Ronstadt...


Poor Martha Stweart who has been lynched, tortured, imprisoned for suffering against aparthied, an ignorant form of government, and had taken from her the PRIME years of her life for the betterment of humanity; and as a token for her strength and perseverance, she received a Nobel Peace Prize...

I think she has suffered more than we can know, imagining she is worthy to be on the SAME PLANET as a 20th Century Legend: Nelson Mandela.

What was she hawking? Her magazine? TV show? herself? Yeah she's a selfless self-sacrifing human being.


John & Ken I really don't have much to say about their HUMAN SACRAFICE, I do hope though that they do rename it the GIRLY MEN sacrafice...

So what about the
GIRLY MEN speech?
First off, ArnoldS, our CA UBER ALLES Governor, has a sense of humor. Is a former groper, body builder, immigrant, hollywood star, and has a sense of humor. It's his (lack of) charisma and ability to connect with the common person from his Pacific Palisade home that won him the governorship (and ALL those well connected movers and shakers he has befriended throughout the years... his speeches are so cheesy, have too many POP culture references that I can't stand to listen to him...but I think they make their point... he KNOWS his constituents...

Secondly, he has a sense of humor and those in the legislature do not. HE used a reference that was USED to MOCK him (and
Rush Limbaugh yesterday proved how HE IS NOT a common person that he beleives to portray to his listeners, HE DID NOT KNOW where the phrase originated from: SNL) and Arnold in a self-deprecating manner USED it himself... *sigh* now he is a Political Correctness flap... so perhaps Riordan is NOT the only one in lacking of PC insight?

Girly Men:
Yes it is offensive (spoken by a political representative).
Yes it is a chauvinist comment.
Yes it is Sexist because it comments in a NEGATIVE light being a girl or woman.
C'mon, WOMEN like being referred to as GIRLS?
And yes if it is a commentary on effeminate men, GAYS, it is NOT OFFENSIVE to them?

SNL could pull it off. Perhaps they received some letters in protest to it BUT in jest viewers understood it was poking fun at ArnoldS.

SO, it depends who you are, to whom you say it, WHOM you are ALLOWED to call a girly man...

Word is that he is no longer saying that phrase but still reading that speech? I knew he made an error. Can you imagine what Maria Shriver had to tell him when HE GOT HOME?

Unfortunately I am trained in the PC Train of thought... it's not that hard... but it does not leave much room for jest, humor, nor faux pas.

BTW, the issue here is that the legislator is NOT giving in to the fuhrer, good, about time... so NOW I want to ArnoldS to earn his stripes... but I worry that he will remain unscathed by all of this... HE HAS no support from special interest? And BTW Unions are suppose to be representing the WORKERS here in the CA... *tsk tsk tsk*


Again, too much to cover:
DrudgeReport When these were first brought up, I was dismayed... not at Kerry who IF this is what he was doing was ONLY playing the part of having to be handsome and aritificially photogenic for the MEDIA and public at large.
But then again, Drudge can post some of the most unflatteging photographs, so either ashy skin and wrinkle free or SICKLY yellow and wrinkled, neither Kerry photo inspired confidence, better yet NO PHOTO would ever convince me to vote for him.
Note: I am NOT voting for Bush either... don't ASK me what I think about what the Green Party did to Nader... then again, who am I to judge...



Dr. Laura , NOW I remember what I wanted to comment about... she is so 20th Century. A young female caller called to get some advice (well I believe to have DR.L to agree with here) about her online habits... she enjoys chat rooms but her Mom has asked to to reduce the amount of time spent in chatrooms and THE DR.L goes off about they are NOT relationships, that this young girl should be outside (exposing herself to kidnappers, epibiphiliacs, to drive by's, to random acts of violence, or that may not be exactly what she meant) interacting face to face with teenagers her age.

She did not let the caller identify WHOM she was interacting with, they could have been her classmates, they could have been her neighbors, they could have been relatives; but in Dr.L's pessimism of human nature, she was insinuating that they could very well be 40 year old males looking to score (and if any if these teenagers allow themselves to be so victimized, not exactly blaming them, BUT WHAT IDIOTS)...

She believes it dilutes and ruins the REAL sense of relationships...
SO 20th Century...

There are pitfalls, as there are risks involved with any new technology, but it's ineffable knowing you are interacting on a common interest, issue, hobby, with people around the country and throughout the world... the contact, VIRTUAL but real contact... and I won't even begin to describe those FRIENDS who I was fortunate to meet beccause of the online interactions (in the USA and in Europe)... I will chide those who spend more time than I meeting people online... but *gulp* I've done it myself and have met them IRL o_O

Well my weakness is I am addicted to bulletin boards... I enjoy that static interaction of those versus chatrooms or AIM (I would NEVER, EVER log off, and as my economic situation is... it would make it worse...

This is but one of many comments I have on
Dr. Nagging Nanny Laura she too will be topic of an essay (I hope it won't just be a diatribe...)


Bill Handel had a very depressing interview... that suitcase Nuclear bombs are purportedly within the US borders, 20 of them or so... and the description was what I could have only imagined seeing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki War footage or of Alamo Nuclear Tests...

I did disagree with one aspect of the interviewees conclusions...

No. We would have the assistance of so many WESTERN countries that it would be a matter of time before we are part of the Global community. (I wonder though if in our self-centeredness do we realize how we will almost expedite the collapse the economies of Mexico (perhaps Canada) but also the rest of Latin America... PERHAPS the free borders will exist then, of course to the consternation of the AMERICAN purist... lol

But perhaps, this is what we need. We are too complacent, to detached from our global brethren: War, starvation, coup d'tat, ; our strength is our confidence in ourselves, our beliefs, and the hope in the future; but they too are our weaknesses, and if WE ARE NOT WILLING to reflect on this, perhaps being forced to do so can only make us better PEOPLE, and a nation... Japan had done it (well except for their 20 yr recession); Germany came back (tho plagued by Economic difficulties, I'll paritally blam the Re-Unification)

My fear would be that IDIOTS would want to replicate what they've seen on TV and the MOVIES: Escape from NY, Mad Max, Jeremiah... the suffocating CHAOS would not be from without but from within... idiots...

There would be no place for the intelligentsia Eilte... but then a new beginning? Hmmmm.,.


John & Ken John was ok last week. I do prefer John to Ken where there is only one host BUT there is so much I can listen to from the nasal annoying voice of his... so Ken is an enjoyable aural balance... BUT I hope they are wrong this time...

Check the site out, I even submitted a vote... but TO RUIN the political career of a SELF-serving PUBLIC SERVANT? I worry that John and Ken are suffering from hybris, that THEY feel that they wield (and will deny BUT unlike
Rush Limbaugh WILL admit they are activist seeking a certain outcome, whereas the a Conservative apologist IS JUST AN ENTERTAINER, yeah right)

These social-political Radio Talk show Hosts (they are not shock jocks =/) scare me. John does a wonderful job of coming off as a common Joe (who lives in Beverly Hills, with a TANK of a Suburban, probably beautiful, intelligent, FORMER TV Reporter Wife, a Dodger fan =)... average?) but his words seem to originate from his gut. And, well, they have been quite successful at being at the center and on the money with quite a few issues (from court cases, to GUMBY Davies, Cop-Killers that flee to Mexico, AND NOW the immigration Amnesty proposals)

They are just striking a nerve, a REAL sleeping giant (versus this ELUSIVE Latino vote that IMO does not exist, OUR LATINO population is so diverse, different SEC levels, experiences, THAT WE CANNOT BE stereotyped not compartmentalized (but that shall be a topic of a future essay) OUR strength, beauty, yet an AMERICAN weakness) BUT the disillusioned CAUCASIAN, WHITE COLLAR, VOTER.

Whose fault is it that THEY have been complacent?
Well, John and Ken have found their niche; the DCWCV seemed to have found their scapegoat... as always...


Too much news to cover:
DrudgeReport was at it again (as usual); they had picked up some articles about the Hillary Rodham Clinton of México: Foxes' wife, the 1st lady, Marta Sahagun... somehow in the male chauvinist centered society is up in arms of an OUT SPOKEN 1st lady. Hmmm, if the reaction here in the USA was intolerant, it could only be MORE so in México... SHE has decided not to run... OK, and being the lame duck that Fox is he seems to be under her shadow...

BTW those photographs he on the DReport were so unbecoming of her... she looks like those silicon-faced aging soap opera stars that you see on TV on the talk show circuit in México... there are some AMAZING LATINA beauties... she is not one of them...

These reports brought to mind the articles in the LA Times about México's Women's Soccer team THAT also has had to overcome cultural expectations that they abandon the field and be the cooks, housewives... oh yeah much has changed...

Another topic that has inspired me to write...



I think I first heard ot this on Drudge or Handel in the morning... I think he will have to resign, unbelievable WHAT HE LET slip out... it was a joke AND THANK GOD she was not AFRICAN AMERICAN, but nevertheless, the JOKE is on him...

I loved him as MAYOR of LA and WOULD have loved him as GOVERNOR but I must disagree with his EDUCATION Policies...


John is at it again... and I find it difficult to disagree with him, but I must and do. His opinion is not scary BUT those of his callers who think that BY JOHN being unhappy with BUSH makes him unamerican or a LIBERAL; but THEM wanting to TAKE AMERICA back and keep it AUTHENTIC x_X. Authentic America? Please don't make me laugh (or is it cry?)


*sigh* OK enough with the homophobia... OK, so you disagree with the lifestyle, it is their life, for the most part they are highly educated and middle class white collar workers... of course there have to be the bums and idiots... but i KEPT noticing how homo-subliminal the pictures on the DRUDGEREPORT were... and then Limbaugh referring to the METROSEXUALS of Kerry and Edwards...

Well here are the
photographs.... judge for yourself without regard to the slant and bias... are can you?


I kept a stiff upper lip, what a metaphorical Thursday evening:
DODGER Stadium is the scene. Lower Reserve Seats row A.
Free tickets, a Sponteneous invite... I could not refuse.

The Radio broadcaster were withing view, just above the the Dosger Stadium Organist.
During one inning break a BeachBall makes its rounds, I punch it back, it returns and I just miss it... and I tried really hard... what would THAT portend?

2 innings later, Paul Lo Duca is at bat... there have 2 foul balls ALREADY hit to our level, many more in our general direction... Here it comes... it was to my left BUT knew it would arrive at our level... sure enough it does and THOSE fans do not catch it, IT rebounds directly toward me. *blank* I am not kdding, I have no idea what I do.

What I do remember is the 2nd CHANCE I get I touch it over the railing... it bounces off the metal covers at our feet and down below it travels...

I heard the boooooooooooooooooos,,,,

Moral: I know where to sit now... ;)



John and Ken's focus on Immigrants... I've got to revive / edit some images I worked on 7 years ago... how little changes... with time... wounds may heal but ignorance rarely does...

Why do I never hear anything about the humanity and compassion for supporting illegal immigrants?

The War on Drugs,..
The War on Terrorism...
The WAR on Immigration...

Will the latter be successul as the 1st three?


Did you read the Articles in the LA TImes about the Mexcian Women's Soccer team? THe Team Captain is a dual citizen who lives in the USA? There are 4 of them on the team?

Is México ready for?
*Gave me an idea...*


Bernard Parks... SHUT UP.
Mayor Hahn... SHUT UP.

Police Chief Bratton is NO Darryl H Gates ( a Man's Police Chief), he is no WIllie Williams (OMG what a buffon), and he IS NOT MICROMANAGER that riled the rank and file Parks (though I do admire him);

Bratton has been kissing the butt of the African American Community here in LA (what the hell has he DONE for the Latino Community... man we have the number but yield no real influence and power...

He'll do his best...

Uh, Al Sharpton... go back to NY...


I cannot believe it...
Fahrenheit911 made more money than the male/teenage focused WHITE CHICKS?
How did a Left wing Propaganda movie at a little more than 800 screens out perform a potty humored lowest common denominator comedy in MORE than 2,000 screens bet whooped?

I guess there is a market for such films?
Ah, your right wing activists and your boycotts and protests... haven't you learn from the left? THEY YIELD LITTLE to no results... well... sometimes....


Rush Limbagh?
Is he the Entertainer?
SPeaker of Truths?
AND not part of the MEDIA he often condemns?

His ethnocentrism and hybris is dangerous... and he is a God fearing? Which one?


The Saddam trial... dead? Freed? Coups? When & how will this chapter end?

The Milosevic trial? ANy results yet? Wasn't THAT one a slam dunk trial also?


BIll Clinton and his lies... won't take responsibilities for Bin Laden, Oh my mistake I changed Lewinsky's life forever, and SPENT his presidency apologizing to the world about how bad the USA is...
and still people are gullible to his presence... I guess he has everything to do to pay off all those Whitewater, etc. lawyers... wish he would just go away...
Hillary VP? Would that be enough? A while back I did envision the 1st GENTLEMAN in my lifetime... and *ahem* yeah Clinton can imagine him the 1st x_X


Ya know, these talk show hosts showed provide their sources like THE DRUDGEREPORT:
Bill Handel today (Drudge had it up days ago) about the
READING School Teacher and lolito o_O; Like BIll says... why couldn't happen to ME...
Makes me wonder about:
Can Men get raped (by a woman)? Can men be sexually harassed (by a woman)?
WHich one in their heterosexual mind would object? Well maybe they won't be into the masochism and pain... oh well...


SO much, SO much:
The OC Video Rape case HAS been settled, for now: Mistrail =/
OK. I really do want to say that the jurors are idiots... but I do not know them to say that... but IF she was unconscious is there any question?
Don't you just LOVE those who scream and shout that THE VIDEO says it all?
Man, these defense lawyers are a talented breed, that keep reproducing...

Justice system? Really?

Then again, I have a strange feeling about the prosecutor in this case...
*sensed a slam dunk?*

Bill Handel commented that the jurors did not sympathize with Jane Doe? And as he said: "sluts can be raped?* I wonder... =(



I just know there was more, but I can't remember...


Walter E WIlliams =/ I do reallly hate the susbstitutes that Limbaugh has on his show... they just are not as entertaining or have that radio voice or disposition... And times past I remember WE WIlliams hesitant and admitting during an interview that HE HAD NOT READ the interviewees book =/ it was self-evident.
Today's evidence of ignorance:

Attempts to lay claim that Islam is a "religion of violence" and proceeds to quote lines (transaltion is of utmost importance) but don't those similar lines exist in OUT JUDEO-Christian Old Testament? Torah? The scribes wrote from the perspective of a wrathful, vengeful, jealous GOD, that LOVES us...

And he CLAIMS that WE HAVE THE MILITARY might to crush the Terrorist of the middle east? Is that how OPERATION Freedom is now an occupation of IRAQ? Unfortunately WE HAVE NOT OCCUPIED the minds and hearts of the Iraqis themselves, I mean the EXTREMIST terrorist minds to love us?

Ignorance of sociological processes at the HIGHEST Administration and most visible of our inteligentsia is dangerous...


Yesterday on John & Ken I was surprised to find out John's opinion, the beating was wrong... the surprises never cease...
Unfortunately, from Juror#5 of the Peterson Case is that THE PROSECUTOR is doing a pitiful job... and Gyrados and ruler of the court room... I truly hope the Prosecutor can swallow his ego and CHANGE his tactics, otherwise he is already doomed...
The HOY article is
here... I think it's a better link than the last...



Today on John & Ken they are at their best with idiot JUROR#5 from the Peterson's trial... why an idiot? They were trying to give them the J&K treatment and *swoosh* the guy just did not understand what they were saying, insinuating, had no idea that they were ridiculing him... hope he enjoys his 15 minutes of fame...


Yesterday they were at it again... John & Ken and the IMMIGRATION issue... I find this complicated and not so easily solved... but their arguements are difficult to deny... but... And some reporter from HOY interviewed them... and NO HUMANITARIAN arguements make any sense to them? Yet I've not heard any convinving arguements against their stance...


NOT another one... LAPD BEATING driver never STOPPED, and when the DRIVER finally stopped, HE RAN. Did he ACT innocently? =/
Not that ALL POLICE OFFICERS are to be trusted but... and he is down and gets beaten... so officer's cannot ERR and have too much adrenaline in their system...And in Compton? Shall we ever know the truth? Never... pictures may speak 1000 words but are those the facts?



Don't get me started with COURT CASES:
Peterson... yer guilty... fess up and save our TAX money... Gyrados... what a clown... yer both lucky the PROSECUTION did not study the OJ files on WHAT NOT to do >_<
The Haidl case in OC... it's ok to do that to any CONSENSTING female?


Berg / Johnson... hmmm does GWB sleep well at night? I hope the Clintons aren't... if NO ONE is willing to take responsibility, then THERE is much blame to go around... =/ blame: all anyone seems to understand today...


Phil Jackson, the only recent laker I ever respected... c'est la vie... KBryant, you fool, ya should've kept it in yer pants (and chosen a MORE attractive woman) and O'Neal I remember you being school by THE DREAM... good riddance... but is Buss going senile...


I've neglected this site for far too long... it begain before DSL was mainstream and blogging was hip =/ ; partly inspired by riots in LA (although there is a different type of rioting this year within THAT organization...

I hope to use those scripts my bro has implented... but for now let's use archaic HTML... Al-Qaeda, GWB, KFI, DrudgeReport, Outsourcing, 911, John & Ken, Bill Handel, RUSH Limbaugh, and that RADIO Nanny DRLaura, what stone is there to NOT leave unturned...

I am outta town... but starting MONDAY... the INSENSATEZ begins...



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