RANT # 3

Lakers Riot VS DNC Riot

"If Laker FANS can do it, WE CAN DO IT BETTER!!"

Laker fans: Were these disadvantaged angelenos who COULD NOT afford to attend the game but were given the chance (with whatever substances that helped to IGNITE their actions) to celebrate the euphoria of multimillion dollar athletes who wouldn't care about them win a Championship for LA.

Hey, Chicago has done it? Is it only the beginning of a tradition? a Dynasty?

LAPD... I guess they choose A strange time to display their disatisfaction BUT; TV TV TV TV TV TV they wanted their 5 minutes of fame. "Hey MOM I was on TV!"

My secret desire is to see a RIOTduring the DNC in LA,
what were Laker fansdoing? (see above) BUT now that we have in our midst Professional Activist and Protestors THAT HAVE a MESSAGE to communicate? After all they come from SEATTLE.


(Actually OUR LAPD has gotten such a BAD RAP they need to prove that they can control a situation... for baton or for worse)

FOR more information: www.lapd.com
or: www.latimes.com

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